Via Bossi 50 CH-6830 Chiasso

Consulting Advisors


We have one mission: to create added value for our customers.

The complementary skill sets of our founders and partners help our clients have up-to-date and customized solutions.

Affiliated to the self-regulatory organization (OAD) and member of Fiduciari Suisse. The company provides, with Cantonal authorization, real estate services and carries out commercial and trusteeship activities. Furthermore, it performs, with Federal authorization, audits activities through approved auditors.

Experience, skills and knowledge.

We have learned how to understand, meet and satisfy our client’ needs offering customized solutions based on their business expectations.

Confidence and dynamism.

We provide a dynamic and competent network of professionals ready to cope with different realities and to develop a successful relational exchange.

Constant updating.

We trust in our employees: their constant professional updates ate the tangible additional value in choosing us as a reliable partner for your company.