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what we do: 360° service

Capifid – Bullani can now provide, as a single consulting firm, a broader range of bespoke consulting services guaranteed by our valuable experts.

1 Fiduciary and business consulting

Capifid – Bullani can be a competent business consultant able to accompany its clients at every stage of their professional career – from establishment to internationalization, from due diligence to possible consolidation, from merger to reorganization.


  • Advice and support for the establishment, administration, merger, and liquidation of companies based in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Domiciliation, assumption of fiduciary mandates.
  • Administration of agreements, bankruptcies, and liquidations of companies.
  • Assistance in relations with banks and other national and foreign financial institutions.
  • Business start-up.
  • Management of relations with Authorities.
  • Study and stipulation of insurance policies.
  • Contractual advice.
  • Legal advice.
  • Tax litigation.
2 Accounting and tax consulting

Capifid – Bullani provides accounting, administrative, and tax consulting services to small, mid-size and multinational companies in various sectors, proposing customized solutions, aimed at satisfying specific business needs. It also supports SMEs with outsourced administrative management as well as offers foundations, administrations, and institutions reliable organizational and bookkeeping support.

Our consultants are trained and qualified to assist companies in domestic and international tax planning.


  • Administrative and accounting management.
  • Accounting (financial, analytical, payroll, etc.) both in-house and at the client’s premises.
  • Consultancy and management for national and international tax practices, for both natural and legal persons including representation to the competent tax authorities.
  • Consultancy in preparing the closure of ordinary and consolidated accounts.
  • Administrative support.
  • Swiss and European VAT.
  • Cash-flow management plans for municipalities.
3 HR Management

Our experts, who are constantly updating their knowledge on personnel management, thoroughly support companies in administration, also dealing with contracts, payroll and any additional aspect related to human resources.


  • Payroll management.
  • Management and control of absences.
  • Documents and forms for work permits.
  • Staff regulations drafting.
4 Audits

Our qualified experts and auditors are responsible for thoroughly completing the ordinary and consolidated closings as well as carrying out audits – limited, complete and transformational.


  • Auditing services (pursuant to Art. 2 letter a of the Federal Law on the licensing and supervision of LSR auditors).
  • Internal reviews.
  • External audits for municipalities, municipal companies, consortia, and other public entities.
5 Strategic consulting

Our advisors can now provide a broader range of strategic business consulting aimed at supporting clients in the evaluation phase of companies and shareholdings, for the preparation of business plans and financial plans, in the preparation of sustainability reports and social financial statements, to structure appraisals, as well as for fiduciary assignments and feasibility studies.


  • Evaluation of companies and shareholdings.
  • Corporate consolidation and restructuring.
  • Preparation of business and financial plans.
  • Drafting of the sustainability reports.
  • Budget analysis.
  • Accounting reports.
  • Relocation of natural and legal persons.
  • Preparation of feasibility studies.
6 4Next generation

Our consulting firm offers a consultancy service dedicated to the specific needs of young entrepreneurs who need streamlined and effective assistance, especially in the early stages or positioning phase of new Start-ups.


  • Start-up assistance.
  • Advice to young entrepreneurs.
7 Real Estate consulting

Capifid – Bullani, relying on the expertise of Capifid Immobiliare, provides a complete service from administration and maintenance to brokerage – for private and commercial assets.


  • Real estate brokerage.
  • Administration of apartment buildings and income-generating buildings.
  • Leases.
7 Real Estate Appraisals

Capifid Valutazioni Immobiliari is a young and dynamic company providing real estate appraisal services, a crucial and critical component necessary – for private customers, banking and insurance institutions – to face any real estate investment with knowledge and foresight. In fact, the art of real estate appraisal consists in giving a present to the future of a builgind or a project, identifying its market value in a methodologically correct way, representing it in a complete, plausible, transparent, and understandable way to all the parties involved.


  • Real Estate appraisals.
  • Project management.
  • Facility management.