Full Service.

1 Business consulting
  • Advice and support for the establishment, administration, mergers and liquidations of companies based in Switzerland and abroad.
  • Domiciliation, assumption of fiduciary mandates.
  • Administration of agreements, bankruptcies and liquidations of companies.
  • Assistance in relations with banks and other national and foreign financial institutions.
  • Business start-up.
  • Management of relations with Authorities.
  • Study and stipulation of insurance policies.
  • Contractual advice.
  • Legal advice.
  • Tax litigation.
2 Accounting consulting
  • Administrative and accounting management.
  • Accounting (financial, analytical, wages, etc.) both in-house and at the customer’s premises
  • Consultancy and management of national and international tax practices, for both natural and legal persons including representation to the competent tax authorities
  • Consultancy in preparing the closure of ordinary and consolidated accounts.
  • Administration and secretariat.
  • Swiss VAT and European VAT.
  • Liquidity plans for municipalities.
3 Human Resources
  • Management of wages and social contributions.
  • Management and control of absences.
  • Practices for work permits.
  • Staff regulations drafting.
4 Audits
  • Auditing services (pursuant to Article 2 letter a of the Federal Law on the licensing and supervision of LSR auditors).
  • Internal review.
  • External audits of municipalities, municipal companies, consortia and other public bodies.
5 Strategic consulting
  • Evaluation of companies and shareholdings.
  • Corporate reorganization and reorganization.
  • Business Plan and financial plans preparation.
  • Drafting of the sustainability report.
  • Budget analysis.
  • Accounting reports.
  • Relocation of natural and legal persons.
  • Feasibility studies set-up.
6 New businesses
  • Start Up Assistance.
  • New businesses consulting.
7 Real estate services
  • Real estate brokerage.
  • Administration of condominiums and income-generating buildings.
  • Leases.
  • Real estate appraisals.