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After having gained many personal experience in the fiduciary trust management, Patrizia Ferrari and Corrado Solcà founded Capifid SA in 2000.

Renato Bullani, trustee in the area for over 50 years, with his long-time collaborators set up Bullani & Partners SA.

Capifid SA and Bullani & Partners SA have joined forces to create Capifid – Bullani SA, a new consulting firm.

Capifid – Bullani SA represents an integrated consultacy deploying the consolidated and varied experience of its founding members, of its divers advisors, and of a large network of experts to enrich the variety of services and consulting guidance towards clients.

More so than before, Capifid – Bullani can be a reliable, efficient, and highly competent strategic partner to fully and thoroughly support its clients and accompany them on a path of additional growth and success.

The Founders

Accountant trustee

Member of the Board of Directors
Accountant and Real Estate trustee, and qualified auditor
Certificated Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Member of the Board of Directors
Accountant and Real Estate trustee
Qualified auditor

Advisors and Partners of Capifid – Bullani SA

Chartered Specialist in Accounting and Financial Management
Licensed auditor

Chartered Accountant

Director of Capifid Valutazioni Immobiliari Sagl

MAS REM (Master in Real Estate Management)
RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)
SEC (Swiss Experts Certification)
Orientor Bussola Energia

Accountant trustee
Chartered Expert in Financial and Managerial Accounting and Reporting
Qualified auditor

Doctor of Law
MAS Tax Law

Finance and accounting specialist

External Advisors of Capifid – Bullani SA

Director of the Tax Law Competence Centre at SUPSI and MAS Tax Law and Business Law

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration at SUPSI

Master of Advanced Studies SUPSI in Tax Law at the University of Lucerne

PhD in European law and national legal systems at the University of Ferrara

Accountant trustee
Chartered Expert in Financial and Managerial Accounting and Reporting

Marketing and Communication